The Swedish International Freight Association

As an industry and interest organization, we represent dominant parts of Sweden's logistics companies. As a member, you contribute to our work to influence the conditions of our industry.

We act as a referral body for investigations and influence decision-makers and the debate about transport and logistics. Furthermore, we act through The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises for improved conditions for the entire transport industry and as a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise we contribute with views and comments on matters relating to the business climate and free enterprise.

As a member, you get access to perks such as:

  • Exclusive right for members with freight forwarding operations to use Fiata FBL and other Fiata documents.
  • Access to the association's publication of specialist literature and transport documents for the industry.
  • Industry-adapted courses and training under the association's auspices at low cost.
  • The digital newsletter every month
  • Access to expertise and exchange of experience through the association's experts in committees and project groups and networks.
  • Access to legal expertise regarding transport law.
  • Opportunity to be involved in the association's regional activities with active and professionally interesting activities and collegial togetherness.
  • Participate in and influence the industry's conditions nationally and internationally, for example by participating in the association's network, project groups or committees.

The Swedish International Freight Association is a trade association that monitors and influences the conditions for the industry in the members' interests. We also create platforms for networking and skill sharing within the industry.'

Today, we have around 90 affiliated companies with 33,100 employees in the field of freight transport: road, rail, air and sea transport, ports and terminals, forwarding, storage and other logistics services.

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