Advantages of collective agreements

Collective agreements encompass various aspects such as working time regulations, sick pay, parental allowance, pension insurance, and more. These agreements are fully negotiated, packaged, and agreed upon by the labor market parties: trade unions and employers' organizations.

In our industry, collective agreements offer a rational and cost-effective approach to addressing personnel issues and challenges faced by employers. When a collective agreement is in place, everyone is aware of the applicable terms, allowing both you and your staff to dedicate more time to your business.

Furthermore, it has become increasingly common for customers and other stakeholders to require business partners to have collective agreements to engage in business transactions.

Our collective agreements are specifically tailored to the transport industry, providing better flexibility in adapting terms to your company's needs compared to individual negotiations.

In essence, collective agreements make the entrepreneurial journey a little smoother.

A membership in one of our six associations with a collective agreement adapted to your industry (apart from our trade association The Swedish International Freight Association) your employees gain occupational pension and insurance coverage that creates security throughout their lives.

Moreover, as an employer, you'll find that this arrangement simplifies your day to day opperations significantly.

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