Viktig information farligt gods och IATA

Transportindustriförbundets paraplyorganisation FIATA vill påminna om att Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) certifikat måste vara uppdaterade hos IATA senast den första mars.

Här nedan kan ni som är berörda av detta läsa informationen på engelska med instruktioner om hur ni går till väga för att uppdatera era DGR-certifikat:

To meet the registration requirements of an IATA Accredited Agent or Intermediary, it is crucial that your company demonstrates evidence that it has employed employees with a valid certification on Acceptance of Dangerous Goods Consignment training. In order to maintain accredited status, you are required to demonstrate that you continue to meet this requirement by ensuring that your company has submitted the most recent training certificates for Accepting Dangerous Goods Consignments of your employees to IATA. This ensures that the DGR certificates currently registered in your account remain valid.

Please check or update your valid DGR certificates by following the steps explained in the attached document “Important Information on Dangerous Goods Regulation”. This document also explains the importance of having a valid DGR certificate, how to obtain one, and finally, how to easily communicate with IATA.

Additionally, please verify and ensure that your company’s contact information is up to date in the system. This will ensure that you receive important communications from IATA in a timely manner.

Please ensure that company checks or updates your valid DGR certificates on the system by 1st March.

Please note that the failure to provide the Dangerous Goods Acceptance training certificates may result in the termination of your Agreement with IATA and the removal of your company from the Cargo Agency List.

In case you encounter any issues, please contact IATA here or send your question to the FIATA HQ at legal@fiata.org.

Se även PDF från IATA med information och instruktioner