The Swedish Bus and Coach Federation (in Swedish Sveriges Bussföretag)

The Swedish Bus and Coach Federation, Sveriges Bussföretag, is the trade organization representing the professional bus and coach industry in Sweden.

Sveriges Bussföretag is proud to include 300 unique member businesses as active members, representing the bus and coach industry in the country of Sweden. These companies collectively own in the order of 12 000 busses and coaches, and employ in excess of 27.000 skilled employees. They represent all aspects of the bus and coach service industry including public transport in cities, rural transport services, long distance municipal and intra-county travel, tourism and tourist travel services in Sweden and abroad, school bus services, vital airport transit connections, and charter bus services. 

Sveriges Bussföretag serves to represent the interests of our members and the bus and coach industry in matters of political policy and law-making, and therefore works closely with government and parliament, special interest committees and investigative groups, as well as other regional and national authorities. BR is also active in promoting bus and coach interests within the EU, and works for greater cooperation within the industry by serving as a collective contact point with other industry organizations and companies. 

Collective agreements are signed with Swedish Municipal Workers' Union and Transport Workers' Union, the Salaried Employees' Union, the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers.

The objectives of Sveriges Bussföretag include:
Promoting bus and coach travel both as the safe, sustainable and environmental choice for public transport as well as private travel. 

Working to ensure a stable, competitive, and equitable market environment for our member companies and the bus and coach industry. 

Establishing and maintaining good business ethics as well as improving conditions for bus and coach companies. 

Sveriges Bussföretag offers advice and service to our member companies on a wide range of topics, including legislation changes, traffic requirements both at home and abroad, environmental issues, traffic safety and regulation, customer care and quality aspects, and good business practices.

Our Members:
Sveriges Bussföretag represents the Swedish bus and coach industry, an industry which is dynamic, established, and looking optimistically to the future. Active members of BF include travel or transport companies and businesses and public transport operators. Sveriges Bussföretag 's associated members include bus and coach industry suppliers, bus and coach dealerships and retailers, as well as members of the tourism and hotel industry both in Sweden and the EU; all companies who benefit from closer ties and cooperation with bus and coach companies.