The Swedish International Freight Association (in Swedish Transportindustriförbundet)

“Do you wish to contribute to developing the efficiency and sustainability of the freight distribution industry? Join the Swedish International Freight Association!

The Swedish International Freight Association (SIFA) is a trade association which represents some 90 Swedish companies engaged in the movement of freight by all modes of transport: air, road, rail and sea, including ports and terminals, warehousing and distribution, logistics and supply chain management etc. SIFA is a non-profit organisation, funded by subscription and run by and for its members, with a fulltime secretariat administering the Association’s affairs. SIFA’s role is to provide focus for the industry, being its voice and providing consultation to Government, as well as industry-related organisations, both on a national, EU and international level. Its core values are “intermodality” and “quality of service”. SIFA’s mission is to improve the development of efficient and sustainable transport and logistics services.

The aim of the Association is to ensure that it provides a value-added service to its members. The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to transport documents and industry-related literature published by the Association

  • Access to SIFA’s training courses, at attractive rates

  • Access to insurance solutions and other services at reduced rates

  • Free copies of E-Nytt (SIFA’s weekly newsletter distributed to the members by e-mail), keeping you up-to-date with industry-related information as well as new national and international legislation

  • Entry in the Association’s Membership directory, updated annually and available on the Association’s website. Aside from making your company’s contact details available, this provides the possibility for members to promote themselves towards potential business partners by way of a short description of their company profile and core services

  • Access to free advice and information through the secretariat

  • An opportunity to participate in the Association’s regional activities through membership in one of its regional committees

  • An opportunity to influence industry policy, by way of participating in the work of the Association’s working groups, committees and interest groups

  • Access to FIATA documents, such as FIATA FBL.


SIFA, is the major representative of the freight forwarding and goods transport industry in Sweden, and is a well respected consultant on a number of subjects by Government and industry-related organisations. With more companies joining the Association, it will further strengthen its position and increase its influence on political decision and policies, both on a national and EU level, regarding e.g. infrastructure, taxation and the legal framework affecting the industry.

Access to free advice and information, is something that small companies without their own in-house expertise find particularly helpful. Through the secretariat, they can obtain advice on issues related to for instance customs, dangerous goods, environmental and transport law.

Join Sweden’s number one representative for the freight forwarding and transport and logistics industry! We look forward to receiving your application.”