Information om GDPR från ERA (eng)

ERA’s summary and advice to members on GDPR

The much-anticipated General Data ProtectionRegulation (GDPR) will become rule of law on 25May 2018. It is compliance-heavy while seeking to harmonise data protection law among EU member states. With regulatory burden recently identified by ERA members as an area of concern, thispublication, in conjunction with the ERA GDPR Self-Assessment Checklist ( out to:

  • Clearly identify the differences between the current Directive and the enhanced upcoming GDPR.
  • Give members clear and unambiguous information regarding risks of non-compliance.
  • Define a structured process improvement methodology to maintain compliance standards for the future.The implementation of the GDPR is the biggestoverhaul of privacy legislation in 20 years. The purpose of this publication is to support ERA members to get, and remain, compliant. Fortunately for aviation, regulatory compliance has always been the foundation of airline policy, experience that will serve ERA members well as they prepare dataprocessing activities for the future.

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